PEXALGAS saves time, money, and simplifies gas pipe installations.

Get to know the new generation of gas piping. It is light, flexible, and simple to use. PEXALGAS piping has characteristics designed to keep installers safe and provides peace of mind to homeowners. Designed for use in indoor and outdoor applications, plumbing and HVAC professionals are experiencing reduced installation times with this new PEX-AL-PEX gas piping solution.

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PEXALGAS advantages


PEXALGAS has characteristics designed to keep installers safe. According to the results of 3rd-party testing, the material is proven to withstand lighting strikes. Plus, PEXALGAS lowers the risk of lacerations and sharp jagged edges.



When compared to using CSST pipes, installing PEXALGAS is up to 50% faster! And moreover, it’s approximately 75% faster than installing black iron pipes. HVAC and plumbing contractors will significantly reduce time on the job site and benefit from material savings.


Fewer Leak Points

Due to its malleable nature, installation requires fewer cuts and less connections. This reduces the amount of potential leak points. Whether working in tight spaces behind appliances or in larger residential areas, installers worry less with PEXALGAS.



PEXALGAS is certified by the ICC compliant to all editions of the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC), the International Residential Code (IRC), the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and compliant with the following standards: ISO 17484, ASTM F1281-2017 (2021) e1, and AS4176.8-2010.

PEXALGAS is an innovative solution that speeds up gas hookups, lowers cost, and reduces material weight. As a result, you can get in and get the job done faster. Unlike alternative gas piping systems, PEXALGAS bends easily by hand, retains its shape, reduces materials needed on the job site, and lowers the risk of lacerations.

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PEXALGAS fittings from Jones Stephens


We carry a comprehensive selection of high-quality PEXALGAS fittings for a simpler, faster, and reliable gas piping installation. Sizes range from 16mm to 32mm, which is the equivalent of 3/8″ to 1″.

Innovative, flexible PEXALGAS pipe that comes in various diameters and sizes


Our innovative and flexible gas pipe is available in various sizes in order to best accommodate each installation. PEXALGAS pipes with diameters up to 32mm are bendable by hand. In this case, the bending radius is up to 2.5 times the pipe’s diameter. PEXALGAS coils are available in different lengths and are extremely lightweight, allowing for quicker jobsite prep and faster installations.


High-quality proprietary PEXALGAS tools allow installers to bend, cut, ream, and crimp gas pipe with ease. Confidently install PEX-AL-PEX pipes faster and safer.


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Read studies on how PEXALGAS reduces installation time, provides excellent safety features to reduce the risk of injury, withstands lightning strikes, and generates long-lasting professional results.

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