PEXALGAS installation and technical resources

Our technical resources help you navigate the PEXALGAS piping system and deliver the information you need to appropriately spec, size, and install the product. Download the resources below or register for our instructor-led Skills Training Course in order to become a PEXALGAS pro. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our product experts are ready for your call.

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How to install the PEXALGAS system

PEXALGAS simplifies and speeds up gas piping installation in comparison to traditional piping solutions and it can be done by one person. As a result, it saves installers time and money. Simply:

Cut It


Ream It

Push It


Crimp It

For do’s and don’ts when installing Jones Stephens PEXALGAS pipe,  Check out our installation guide

Downloadable PEXALGAS resources

  • Installation Guide
    Get step-by-step instructions for installing PEXALGAS.
  • Size Conversions and Pressure Loss Tables
    View the sizing charts to calculate the pressure drop of the pipe and fittings based on a specific installation application.
  • PEXALGAS Submittal Sheet
    Get the specifications you need for job site submittals and approvals.
  • Catalog
    View product numbers and specifications for PEXALGAS pipes, fittings, and tools.
  • Videos
    Watch easy-to-follow PEXALGAS installation videos.
  • Prevention Through Design
    Learn how this alternative can reduce the risk of lacerations during installation.
  • PEXALGAS Warranty
    All PEXALGAS pipes and fittings hold a 2-year warranty and PEXALGAS tools have a 1-year warranty. Read the warranty guide for complete details.
  • ICC Report
    View our PMG Product Certificate and confirm PEXALGAS’s compliance, standards, and more.

Safety studies

Safety is our top priority. Due to its smooth interior, PEXALGAS edges are even after the cut and before being reamed and deburred. As a result, PEXALGAS lowers the risk of lacerations caused by dangerous recoil and jagged pipe edges. Read this independent study about lightning strike testing and learn how PEXALGAS is safer.

More resources


Independent Studies

Read studies on how PEXALGAS reduces installation time, provides excellent safety features to reduce the risk of injury, withstands lightning strikes, and generates long-lasting professional results.


From available sizing to step-by-step install tips and information about approvals, review our frequently asked questions.


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