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Take a look at these PEXALGAS FAQs and get better acquainted with this PEX-AL-PEX system. From available sizing to step-by-step install tips, use this page as a quick-start guide to PEXALGAS. Our representatives are always standing by to answer more detailed questions. Give us a call at 205.825.8865.

What is the relevant regulation for the correct installation of the PEXALGAS system?

Install in accordance with the PEXALGAS Installation Manual and in accordance with any local building regulations.

Does PEXALGAS meet US and International Standards for multilayer gas piping, or US Building Codes for Gas Piping Installation?

PEXALGAS is compliant with ASTM F1281 (PEX-AL-PEX pipe), UPC, ES, PMG, International Fuel & Gas Code and AS 4176.8-2010 standards.

What are the main features of the PEXALGAS fittings?

PEXALGAS fittings are crimp fittings. They are manufactured with CW617N brass alloy. Furthermore, they are equipped with a double yellow O-ring and CE label, which is made of HNBR, in compliance with EN 682. The fittings have an AISI 304 stainless steel sleeve supported by a plastic ring, thus making its use clear: fuel gas transportation. Lastly, they are easily recognizable thanks to a specific gas marking which is compliant with the product standards.

What does E.Q. mean?

E.Q. stands for equivalent size. The equivalent size is the closest U.S. fitting size. To note, it is included for reference only.

What diameters of PEXALGAS are available?

A range of PEXALGAS pipes are available, including 16×2 (i.e. 16 mm (E.Q. 3/8″) diameter and 2 mm (E.Q. 1/16″) wall thickness), 20×2 (E.Q. 7/8″), 26×3 (E.Q. 3/4″), and 32×3 (E.Q. 1″). For additional specifications and installation manuals, view our Technical Resources.

What lengths does PEXALGAS come in?

The 16mm (E.Q. 3/8″) and 20mm (E.Q. 7/8″) diameters are available in 100-meter-long (E.Q. 328′) coils; both 26mm (E.Q. 3/4″) and 32mm (E.Q. 1″) diameters are available in 50-meter-long (E.Q. 164′) coils.

Can I install manifolds in a domestic system?

Yes, manifolds can be installed in a domestic system.

What is the maximum operating pressure (MOP) of the PEXALGAS system?

The pressure rating for PEXALGAS pipe is 72.5 PSI. In comparison, the normal operating pressure of a domestic installation is far lower, generally below 5 PSI.

Which crimping profiles are compatible with PEXALGAS fittings?

PEXALGAS fittings can only be used with a Jones Stephens PEXALGAS crimping tool.

Are there any tools compatible with the Jones Stephens PEXALGAS crimp jaws?

Yes. The PEXALGAS crimp jaws are compatible with the following tools:

  • Hilti: NPR-32A
  • Klauke: UAP 2, UNP 2, UP2EL-14, HPU2, UAP4L, UAP3L, UAP 332, UAP 432 and Uponor UP 75 EL model
  • Milwaukee: M 18 press tool model and M 18 long throw press tool
  • Nibco: PC-280
  • Pressfit: Puma and Puma RR model
  • Rems: Power-Press E, Power-Press SE, Power-Press 2000, Power-Press, Power-Press ACC, Power Press XL ACC, Accu Press, Accu Press ACC, and Accu Press 22V ACC model
  • Ridgid: RP 10-S, RP 10-B, RP 300, 320-E, RP 330, RP 340-C, RP 340-B, RP 342-XL and RP 350 model
  • Rothenberger: Vario 2000, Vario-Press 1000 APC, Romax Pressliner, Romax Pressliner Eco, Pressliner, Pressliner Eco, Romax AC Eco, Romax 3000 AC and Romax 4000 model
  • Virax: P10 Virax P 22+, M 30+, P 25+ and P 30+ model

What kind of fuel gas does the PEXALGAS system transport?

PEXALGAS systems transport both natural gas and LP (Propane) gas.

Can I avoid calibrating the pipe?

The calibration step is mandatory when using the PEXALGAS system.

How can I tell if my crimping tool needs maintenance?

Please see the applicable instructions for the crimping tool.

What is the minimum distance between fittings? Also, is it important to follow minimum sleeve distances?

The minimum distance between two sleeves must be no less than the diameter of the installed pipe. This is important because a shorter distance will jeopardize functionality.

What is the minimum radius requirement when bending PEXALGAS pipes?

Manually bend the multilayer pipe up to D. 20 with a minimum radius of 5 times the pipe diameter. Alternatively, use an external or internal bending spring in order to reduce the minimum radius to 4 times the pipe diameter. Lastly, the pipe manual bender allows a radius of 2.5 times the pipe diameter (the bending radius is given by the bending tool).

Pipe Size (mm)Minimum Bend Radius

Can I reuse pipes and fittings from other installations that are no longer in use?

No, you cannot reuse neglected items (pipes and fittings) from dismantled installations.

Is it possible to combine PEXALGAS pipes with the fittings of other manufacturers and vice versa?

No, PEXALGAS pipes and fittings are not compatible with other types or brands of fittings.

Do PEXALGAS products come with a warranty?

Yes! PEXALGAS pipes and fittings hold a 2-year warranty and PEXALGAS tools have a 1-year warranty. Read the warranty guide for complete details.

 Is PEXALGAS approved by the NFPA-54?

There are two methods of approval, and PEXALGAS is approved as an alternate material in select jurisdictions across the U.S.

Is PEX-AL-PEX gas piping considered plastic piping?

No, PEX-AL-PEX is a composite piping material.

Are there safety advantages of PEXALGAS when compared to other NFPA-54 allowable materials?

Yes, there are 3 main safety advantages. These include less susceptibility to lighting strikes, less propensity to cut your skin during installation, and having crimp joints versus threaded or welded joints.

Is PEXALGAS tested and certified for indoor gas applications?

Yes, PEXALGAS is tested and certified to ISO-17484 and ASTM F1281. It is also certified by the ICC per the ICC-ES-PMG-1588 certificate.

Where is PEXALGAS approved?

PEXALGAS is approved in select states, cities, and jurisdictions across the U.S. PEXALGAS has also been approved and installed for indoor gas piping applications for over 15 years in other countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Chile. Contact a PEXALGAS expert today for the approval status in your location.

Do all states have a statewide approval process?

No, not all states can approve PEXALGAS on a statewide basis and although all states require local jurisdiction approval based on the ICC certification (ICC-ES-PMG-1588) and product safety features, this local approval is the only approval required in the states which do not have statewide approval.


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